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We Serve Long Beach, CA

In order to provide comprehensive, cost-effective port services to our customers, our trained consultants rely on up-to-the minute data that makes domestic and international shipments reliable and expedient.

We provide a full range of professional brokerage services to logistics managers in large and small businesses. Our services include:

Freight Companies | Savannah Port Services

  • Interstate Trucking and Delivery
  • Freight forwarding
  • Air and Ocean Freight
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Customs clearances, bonds and cargo insurance
  • Government agency filings
  • Quality inspections

Our services also include tracking abilities that show freight positioning from pickup to final destinations on the East, West and Gulf Coasts. Ours is a full-service business intended to reduce the costs of transportation, shipping and receiving while keeping quality high.

Logistics managers at our partner companies provide us with transportation information regarding their requirements and we provide you with the most accurate estimates possible based on the size and weight of your cargo, as well as the origin and final destination costs.

Our experienced staff also provides additional information on specific port-to-port documentation. We file this related documentation to proper government agencies. This is especially important with the number of changes to government agency regulations regarding shipping in or out of port locations.

Our staff is highly knowledgeable of current changes to government regulations and can help you avoid shipping delays or other potential regulatory problems. Savannah Port Services is proud of our ability to provide flawless port services at attractive rates.

SPS Locations for Custom Shipping and Transportation

We’re an industry leader because of our efforts to provide port locations on an “as needed” basis. Logistics and warehousing and distribution managers strive to maintain shipping costs by keeping a streamlined and fast-adapting supply chain.

We offer a wider choice of port locations than many of our competitors. When it comes to shipping goods and cargo, timeliness is crucial to meeting customer demands. For example, a client in South Carolina may need cargo shipped to a foreign port. The time it takes for an in-house logistics manager to map and administrate the most expedient, cost-effective route may incur more expense and time than an independent logistics business, and still not fine the best value.

Many of our clients require daily, high-volume cargo shipments. Does your company have the breadth of knowledge and relationships with ports, governments and shipping companies to find a consistent, reliable means of moving your goods? We’re convinced, along with our many happy clients, that the most efficient way to deal with high volume cargo shipments is to outsource this part of your operation to our port services professionals at our Savannah, GA location.

How Do We Keep Your Costs in Line?

Our professional staff is continually studying the market and building partnerships with the most reliable interstate trucking vendors to begin the first leg of your delivery to specified ports. In addition, it is also necessary for our staff to be familiar with customs officials at ports in each region so the documentation we prepare for shipments for our clients is accurate and avoids typical customs delays.

By insisting on reliability from our interstate trucking and delivery vendors, each planned shipment is accomplished according to strict shipping documentation and agency regulations. This is one way we can keep your shipping and delivery costs in line. Our estimates provide full details and clearly outline shipping requirements from trucking to the port of choice.

Mapping the SPS Locations Our Customers Need

There is never any guesswork regarding our ability to serve any major US port locations our customers needs. Our combination of networked staff and digital connections with the shipping process make us your best choice for moving your freight from A to B.